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It is a sad day when a culture's essence is challenged by another people, country, or culture. The Nazi's did it to the Jews, it is happening in Africa, even the United States did it to the  American Indians.

We at Ping's Tibet offer the consumer the opportunity to put money in the pockets of Tibet people by avoiding the middlemen as much as possible. We purchase handmade items directly from those gifted people in Tibet that labored to make them, such as wood carvings, porcelain dolls, handmade jewelry, polished carved jade, jadeite,  agate, carved and polished yak pipes, combs, spoons, chopsticks, pashmina scarves and other products made in the style of Japanese, Chinese and other Asian Cultures. These extraordinary gifts have uniquely been used by this currently challenged culture for thousands of years.

When you buy their goods at Ping's Tibet you honor them, give them money to continue their battle against those that would challenge their way of life, and pass forward to future generations handmade items the way they have been made for thousands of years keeping the Tibetan Culture alive wherever you live.


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