Handmade Yak Horn Comb Goat
Handmade Yak Horn Comb Goat

Handmade Yak Horn Comb Goat

Handmade Yak Horn Comb Goat
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Ping's Tibet yak horn products are made of pure natural yak horn ​​from the Tibet plateau using traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. The products combine health function and art collections in one and each one of them is unique!

Yak horn itself is a precious Chinese medicinal herbs for detoxification, cooling, lowering blood pressure and rheumatism…etc.

Yak horn made products like combs, scraping plates, back scratchers could help to prevent headache, neurasthenia, high blood pressure, body pain also reduce stress.

Using a yak horn comb every morning and evening, comb your head from front to back, and then from back to front, gently scrape the scalp several times. Long-term use can protect your hair, smooth the hair, reduce dandruff, can prevent hair loss and silver hair. It can help blood circulation, regulate blood pressure, promote hair growth, enhance cellular immunity, brain health also soothe pain and itching.
Yak horn combs do not produce static, they are the best gifts for loved ones!
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