Tibet Good Fortune Fish Lantern
Tibet Good Fortune Fish Lantern

Tibet Good Fortune Fish Lantern

Tibet Good Fortune Fish Lantern
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Tibetan Paper Short Lantern. This is handmade in Tibet. The Golden Fish

As human beings, we must live through samsara, or the endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth that entails suffering at every stage. The Buddha’s teachings set us on the path to liberation from samsara; the golden fish is a symbol of that liberation, a creature of joy, at one in its element, living a life of spontaneity with no pain or fear of perishing in self-created suffering.

The fish symbol is significant in Hinduism, Jainism and Christianity. In Buddhism, the fish also represents fertility and plenitude. It is often beautifully depicted as a carp, which in Asia is considered sacred because of its elegance, size and long lifespan.

Essentially, the golden fish is an aspirational symbol, teaching man that the spiritual bliss which lies beyond samsara is infinitely more beautiful than anything he can experience in earthly life

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Length: about 7 inches.
Width: about 7 inches.
Height: about 10 inches.

Material: Paper

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