Tibetan Tea
Tibetan Tea

Tibetan Tea

Tibetan Tea
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Tibetan Tea is the main life drink of Tibetans for over a thousand years.  Mixed with Fermented Tea grown and refined at high altitude in the Tibet Autonomous Region. 500 Organic compounds, rich in minerals and fat soluble dietary fiber. An Extreme life drink that when mixed with yak milk protects one from extreme temperature, low oxygen, and radiation all prevalent at high altitudes. For the Science behind the blood pressure, blood fats, blood vessel wall strengthening, anti-cancer polyphenols, teeth strengthening, weight loss, anti-radiation, and reduced blood sugar.
This Tea Grown in Tibet LinZhi. Tibet Autonomous Region by YaAn tea Person Du.
This Tea bag Net Wt. 30g

Inking Method for Tibetan Tea

Step 1: Boil Water

Step 2: Add 1 teaspoon per cup of water boiled

Step 3: Boil tea in water and simmer 3-5 minutes at 100 degree Celsius or 212 degree Fahrenheit

Step 4: Strain tea into cup

Step 5: (optional): Add boiled Tibetan Tea into milk to make Tibetan Milk Tea

* Can also be mixed with coffee. Tea leaves can be boiled again a second time.

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