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Pashmina Scarves

Pashmina Scarves

Pashmina is a fine, downy wool that grows beneath the outer hair of the wild Himalayan goat woven with the finest silk, you get a soft, light, and warm material that is perfect for a shawl or scarf. Use this beautiful, colored cloth as a wrap, scarf, or shawl to keep you feeling warm and cozy.

These scarves come in brilliant colors that will satisfy or please anyone, men and women. It can be used as a table runner, a throw on a couch for color, a wrap in a cool room, a scarf for warmth under your coat, or a fashion statement that any designer would call the ultimate accessory and you won't be disappointed!

Each Scarf is about 25" wide and 68" long (tassel not included) at discount price. Real color of the scarves may vary slightly from the photos due to the light.

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100% Pashmina Scarf Red (SKU: 16052)100% Pashmina Scarf Red (SKU: 16052)
100% Pashmina Scarf Red Flower (SKU: 16053)100% Pashmina Scarf Red Flower (SKU: 16053)
100% Pashmina Scarf Sky Blue (SKU: 16054)100% Pashmina Scarf Sky Blue (SKU: 16054)
100% Pashmina Scarf White (SKU: 16055)100% Pashmina Scarf White (SKU: 16055)
Pashmina Scarf Garden Dark Purple (SKU: 16006)Pashmina Scarf Garden Dark Purple (SKU: 16006)
Pashmina Scarf Garden Gray (SKU: 16005)Pashmina Scarf Garden Gray (SKU: 16005)
Pashmina Scarf Lily Red and Gold (SKU: 16062)Pashmina Scarf Lily Red and Gold (SKU: 16062)
Pashmina Vest Scarf Reversible Blue Black (SKU: 16080)Pashmina Vest Scarf Reversible Blue Black (SKU: 16080)
Soft Blue White and Brown Silk Scarf (SKU: 16071)Soft Blue White and Brown Silk Scarf (SKU: 16071)
Soft Brown and Black Plaid Silk Scarf (SKU: 16072)Soft Brown and Black Plaid Silk Scarf (SKU: 16072)
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